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Card & Autograph Collecting : The Most Sought After Baseball Autographs

Card & Autograph Collecting : The Most Sought After Baseball Autographs

The most sought-after baseball autographs come from the most popular players, such as Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio or modern players like Albert Pujols.

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Autograph Collecting - When the celebrity says NO!

Just a short one minute video on some the autograph denials I've received since I started collecting autographs in 1979 ...

Beginners' Guide to Autograph Collecting | Amy McLean

My novels: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Amy-McLean/e/B00LM2Y9EI/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 LINKS AND INFORMATION - My playlists: ...


I've been collecting autographs since late 2012 and I've acquired quite a large collection, so I thought I'd film a video sharing all of the autographs I have ...

An autograph collector's obsession

New York City stockbroker John Taeni has spent a lifetime amassing his collection of autographs - tens of thousands of signatures from world leaders and ...

7 On Your Side: Inside tips from longtime autograph collectors

Some of the biggest names in pro sports will be in the Bay Area this week for the Super Bowl and it is an autograph hunter's dream. Full story: ...

Ep. 8: Expert Tips for TTM (Through the Mail) Autograph Collecting with Tim Henderson

Autograph University Master Class: Episode 8 For 15 years Tim Henderson graphed athletes and celebrities in Atlanta, but when his daughter was born he ...

New autograph law hurting San Diegan collectors

New autograph law hurting San Diegan collectors.

Why Autograph Collecting is so Addicting? Examples! (The Rush, The Chase, The Addiction)

Why Autograph Collecting is so Addicting? (The Rush, The Chase, The Addiction)

Kevin Costner grills autograph collector about his secrets while greeting fans at Landmark Theatres

Kevin Costner grills autograph collector about his secrets while greeting fans at Landmark Theatres.

Autograph Collecting - The 1988 Academy Awards

Believe it or not - I didn't ask for a single autograph when I went to the Academy Awards. But I did see all of these celebrities and got their autographs separately ...

Autograph Collecting 101 Pt2.MOV

Since the start of Celebration II, autograph collecting has become a huge hobby. Celebration VI has over 30 Star Wars guests covering all 6 movies and The ...

How To Get Into Autograph Collecting: Autograph Collecting Guide!

Also one thing I forgot to mention is that to store autographs you are going to want to put them into acid free clear plastic sheet protectors and into a binder.

Autograph collecting

A few of the signed photos I have collected over the years.

2 items no autograph collector should leave home without

Carry these two items and you'll always be prepared for an unexpected autograph opportunity.

Card & Autograph Collecting : How to Get Baseball Autographs Through the Mail

One way to get a baseball autographed in the mail is to send the item to the club that the player is playing for, and sometimes they will get this item to a player to ...

TTM Autograph Collecting UK - Episode 4 - Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill SUCCESS!

June 2017 - Episode 4 - Some good Autograph successes - Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Vera Lynn, Valerie Leon, Leslie Sharp, Jennifer Saunders and Ricky ...

Card & Autograph Collecting : Tips on Getting Baseball Autographs

The least expensive way to get a baseball autograph is to get an athlete to sign an item at a game, but this can be extremely difficult. Find out how to get baseball ...

Card & Autograph Collecting : Most Popular Football Trading Cards

The most popular football trading cards are usually rookie cards, and an autographed rookie card tends to be much more valuable. Discover why Adrian ...

George Nader - Autograph Collecting - Classic Hollywod Musclemen

George Nader was a bodybuilding inspiration and a great guy that I met in person in Palm Springs. Check him out in The Female Animal with Hedy Lamarr!

Autograph Collecting - Through the Mail Tips

Through the mail tips - 1. Catch a celebrity at a viable time in their career; not when they're peaking! 2. Use a reliable, known or tested address. 3. Send them ...

Card & Autograph Collecting : The Value of Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards

The value of a Mickey Mantle baseball card depends on the individual card, and whether or not the card is a reprint or vintage. Find out how some Mickey Mantle ...

Card & Autograph Collecting : Where to Authenticate Your Baseball Autographs

In order to get a baseball autograph authenticated, buy it from a local hobby dealer or a dealer in autographs. Learn about a couple of the most highly respected ...

Card & Autograph Collecting : How to Display Baseball Trading Cards

When displaying baseball cards, a simple way is to use a nine-pocket page that can be placed in a binder. Learn about card holders, such as top loads, with ...

Card & Autograph Collecting : What Kind of Pen Should You Use for Baseball Autographs?

When a person is trying to get a baseball autographed, they should use a high-quality ballpoint pen, and they should keep this autograph out of direct sunlight.

Card & Autograph Collecting : Selling Baseball Autographs

When selling baseball autographs, it's important to send these items to professional traders to get them authenticated. Find out why it's so important for ...

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